Traditional Bulgarian little doll couple - Survakari

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Traditional Bulgarian little doll couple - Survakari

19x22cm. Optional individual design /Size at clients choice!

material: textile

technique: handmade products. Made with love, care and attention to the details acquired in the years of experience. Handmade products will always have their high value and importance as something more "special".

lead time for delivery: 5 business days (depending on workload). For wholesale qty, timing to be agreed upon!

The traditional doll is not only a decoration for the interior, it brings a message for some past times of brave boys and beautiful girls, telling forgotten stories, it is a bridge between the past and the present.

Gift for collectors, connoisseurs of beauty, as well as a gift for small and grown-up girls. Suitable gift for birthday or name day.

You should be aware that the product you see in the picture is unique, which means that there might be a slight difference in his re-making.