Silver set of three parts with Obsidian

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Silver set of three parts with Obsidian

The set includes:
Earrings, Pendant, Ring

Model Specifications: The model combines silver ornamentation, Obsidian with fittings and frame. The silver surface is impeccably polished, which gives the glamor to the jewelery. Silver products have a sample of 925

lead time for delivery: 10 business days (depending on work load).

Jewelry is suitable for: The model is an original addition to an elegant outfit.

Symbolic:The obsidian is born in the volcanoes, so it gives people the power not to be afraid of the changes. The owners of this stone are always ready to accept the changing circumstances as they are. Helping a person to realize his weaknesses, the obsidian rescues him from sins and evil deeds. It absorbs the bad intentions of a person, thus preventing them from becoming acts and putting on it negative consequences. It is enough just to keep an obsession around yourself to take over and transform the negative energies. It exudes a special vibration that gives a sense of peace and security. There is an extremely impact-stabilizing effect. The obsidian is one of the few stones that can absorb negative energies without holding them inside. It is used to concentrate astral forces, and in everyday life it is a very powerful mascot, guarding against bad actions. Worn in a bracelet or medallion, the obsidian helps concentrate. It will help you to see the meaning of deep silence and wisdom in meditation.

Suitable for both special occasions and everyday life! Choose a set of stones and highlight your tenderness.

Jewelry is, and will always be, the best way to add glamor, style and beauty to the precious moments of your life.

They are always up-to-date and modern because they emphasize the personality and character of the person for whom they are chosen.

Every feast and every special event are traditionally marked with gifts. Choose a gift for a prom, your mother, girl or a woman gift and show them how valuable and special they are to you!

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