Silver set of four parts with Onyx

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Silver set of four parts with Onyx

The set includes:
Earrings, pendant, ring, bracelet

Model Specifications: The model combines silver ornamentation, Onyx with fittings and frame. The silver surface is impeccably polished, which gives the glamor to the jewelery. Silver products have a sample of 925

lead time for delivery: 10 business days (depending on work load).

Jewelry is suitable for: The model is an original addition to an elegant outfit.

Symbolic: It is believed that onyx promotes the accumulation of vital energy, as it is capable of absorbing negative energy. They say that onyxs help to get rid of indecision and dignity. It is a stone of self-confident people who can stand up for themselves. An onyx ring protects its owner from sudden death. In Ancient India with onyx have calmed their passion lovers who have entered into an illegal relationship. Also, in this country, onyx was a symbol of walking and luck. The onyx is used in diseases of the nervous system and depression. It is believed that he takes stress, relieves pain, promotes emotional balance and self-control. Products with onyx increase potency, exacerbate hearing, rejuvenate, and strengthen memory. Lithiotherapists advise to apply bony onyx to the inflamed areas.

Suitable for both special occasions and everyday life! Choose a set of stones and highlight your tenderness.

Jewelry is, and will always be, the best way to add glamor, style and beauty to the precious moments of your life.

They are always up-to-date and modern because they emphasize the personality and character of the person for whom they are chosen.

Every feast and every special event are traditionally marked with gifts. Choose a gift for a prom, your mother, girl or a woman gift and show them how valuable and special they are to you!

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