Old Bulgarian folk costume

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Old Bulgarian folk costume

The set consists of 3 parts: sukman, lady's belt and apron. In many traditional Bulgarian costumes, scars and elements are revealed, revealing an older layer of beating. They are a symbolic sign of age, marital status, participation in rituals and customs. The most expressive in this sense is the costume decoration: the content, the composition, the color of the textile ornamentation.

material: wool cloth

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Skilful hands have created over the centuries all this unbeatable beauty of natural fabrics - wool, cotton, hemp, linen and silk that handmade. The Bulgarians, with their innate aspirations for the beautiful, boundaries, bangles, weasels, scarves, velvet shirts, sukmani and aprons, wore laces. That is why in the costumes we find, as if encoded, the mysterious sacred Proto-Bulgarian signs, stylized animals and plants, as well as well-ornamented human figures, vessels and tools, the result of an unimaginable imagination. They had feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions of the world. Thus the creation of the costumes has reflected the natural attitude of the Bulgarian to look at the world with the eyes of an artist. They imply wisdom and nobility, and we can rightly call them real creations of eternal folk art. Kindness of Bulgarian!

Gift for collectors, connoisseurs of beauty. Suitable gift for birthday or name day.

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