Icon - Triptych - Saint Peter, Christ Pantocrator, Apostle Paul

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Icon - Triptych - left wing - the Apostle Saint Peter , central wing - Christ Pantocrator, right wing - the Apostle Paul

28,5х23,5см., 38,5х30см.,28,5х23,5см. In open type icons: 28,5/38,5/28,5 см.

description of make: Made of galvanized copper, brass  and wood. A true icon created with the creative feeling and the necessary canonical details. An icon that carries the values ​​and traditions of iconography.

lead time for delivery: Available

patronizes: home and family. An approriate gift for a new home, new family, and any occasion.

We reveal a small part of the pictures of talents of Bulgarians in a special kind of art, which to this day carries the spirit of the past.

We present the grace of handmade products! Still, there are icons around which miracles look everyday.

Handmade with identity and inimitable style. Handmade and painted products will always have their high value and importance as something more "special".

The icon is made with love, care and attention to the details acquired in the years of experience. Suitable for art connoisseurs.