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icon image of St. Arh.Gavriil from XVI century, copy of a Ohrid

14х17 cm. We offer optional sizes at your choice. description of make: Traditional Byzantine painting technique. Technology egg tempera, handmade board, with linen cloth glued with primer as the base of painting the holy image. Used dross metal to symbolize the brilliance of the heavenly divine world.

lead time for delivery: 10 business days(depending on workload).

patronizes: Arh.Gavriil is the messenger of God's secrets They turn to him for help in the long absence of a wanted child, sometimes - for help in adopting a child, they ask him for a normal pregnancy. Also Archangel Gavriil l protects people with artistic professions, journalists, teachers - all who work in the sphere of spiritual-emotional and moral development, but of course with the perfecting of the soul. People sometimes ask Arh.Gavriil to help them: remove their confusion and gain wisdom to make the right decisions; to give man power to fulfill these decisions.

An approriate gift for a new home, new family, and any occasion. Copies of existing icons.

With a certificate of origin for export purposes. Handmade with identity and inimitable style.

Handmade and painted products will always have their high value and importance as something more "special".

The icon is made with love, care and attention to the details acquired in the years of experience. Suitable for art connoisseurs.

You should be aware that the product you see in the picture is unique, which means that there might be a slight difference in his re-making.

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