Hand made wallhanging with a bell

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Hand made wallhanging with a bell


technique: Handmade with traditional Bulgarian designs. Carpet tehnology material: 100% wool, cotoon threads and a bell (hlopka).

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Interesting ethnographical information: The patterns are taken from original Bulgarian carpets and are very ancient. The purpcse of the ring of the bells - most popular in the ritual ''kukeri'' - is to drive away the evil powers. This custom comes from ancient times - from the Thracians. According to popular beliefs, the stylized images of snakes, birds, tortoises, flowers, bring happiness and protection of people. The coloures of the decoration also carry a lot of meaning. Red is predominant, as a symbol of fertility and regenerating nature, of the sun and the fire. The wool also has been a symbol of the fertility. In the mythological plan, the wool belongs to the earth and this connection with the underworld gave it a magical power to bring and deliver a fecundity and to drive away the evil. Because of that the women insenced wool and recommended the carrying of a red woolen thread against the evil eye.

Handmade with identity and unmatched style. The product was made with much loveand dilligence and focus on detailacquired through years of experience.

Handmade products will always have their high value and importance as something more "special".

Gift for collectors, connoisseurs of beauty. Suitable gift for birthday or name day.

You should be aware that the product you see in the picture is unique, which means that there might be a slight difference in his re-making.