Children's metal belt buckle

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Children's metal belt buckle. Decorated metal clasp fastening a belt as part of national clothing.


material: a metal alloy, a nickel coating

lead time for delivery: 5 business days (depending on work load).

Maybe your child has not yet touched the magic of Bulgarian folklore! Give a unique gift to your child.

Suitable gift for christening, birthday, name day or special occasion. Every holiday and every special event is traditionally marked with gifts.

Like all objects in Bulgarian traditional practice, they have a multilayered meaning - serve as decoration have apotropeyna force, are an integral part of some customs and magical rites.

The belt buckle is made with love, care and attention to the details acquired in the years of experience.

You should be aware that the product you see in the picture is unique, which means that there might be a slight difference in his re-making.

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